What is BENJ Fashion!!!

Have you ever seen two snowflakes that are IDENTICAL?? Neither have I... My brand is to inspire everyone to be UNIQUE. To be able to be an individual and find their inspiration in life and follow their dreams wherever it takes them. 

My Story

What does BENJ fashion mean to you?

My brand is about finding what makes you a UNIQUE individual. Work hard to make a difference. Remember that all snowflakes are not created to be the same! Find your passion and happiness. Strive to meet your goal!

Summer 2020

Summer has arrived with Unique styles this year!!!

An array for styles that is sure to pleasure any individual around the world....

Life is about choices; have you made yours this Summer????

What inspires you?

Get Inspired!

I purchased the logo tank in white and when I received it I couldn't believe how amazing the quality was. I'm very impressed! Aside from the owner being absolutely unique the shipping was quick and I will definitely be ordering again !! Such an amazing style.

Lenore Garcia Jr

I absolutely LOVE my color backpack, the material is great quality. Cant wait too see what to come!! 

Julie Smith


I have to really thank my photographers for putting up with me and helping me out. Even when they weren't feeling too good. There vision for my brand is truly amazing. How they captures the essence of what my brand stands for. They is also very dedicated with each project. Tt made it easier to think of ideas on what could help make my launch successful. So again... Always looking for my next adventure!!!

Thank You to all my Photographers!!