My Inspiration for my Brand!!

Ever since I was younger, I wanted to dress as nice as I possibly could. I started to draw sketches of clothes. I once told my mom that if one day I decided to be a designer, I would design beautiful clothes for her like the ones on tv. As I grew  I continued to draw here and there, but it wasn't as realistic like I'd hoped. I read articles where designers struggled to make ends meet and how their business would fail. Or how other companies would crush them. So I put that idea on the back burner and moved on. In high school I had found another passion which was cooking. Cooking stuck with me until I graduated high school, but I was unable to attend a culinary school due to lack of funds. I felt that I wasn't going to accomplish anything in life and my dreams would stay dreams.

About mid year in 2016 my perspective on life was changing, I wanted to make myself feel happier and achieve my goals & dreams.. I became more focused on what I wanted in life and started pushing aside what others thought of my hopes and dreams. Something I should've done when I was 20. I guess you live and you learn.

Finally I had the courage to make a plan and thought of creating a clothing brand that would express my ideas, and I could help people to somehow get inspired to do the same.

Months later I had a business idea, a brand name, and  outsourcing company to print my designs and slowly building my fashion empire one day at a time. Until this day I'm still working on making my brand a success for my launch day.

Don't let anyone crush your dreams. Accomplish what you want in life!